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Kiskatinaw Ranch

Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities are currently available to reserve?
You may reserve a room in the recently updated camp trailers, which includes a queen size bed and a twin size pull out.  Men's and Women's washrooms with showers are in the two wings of the camp trailers.  You can also reserve an RV or tent site.

What do I need to bring if I am staying in one of the rooms?
You will need to provide your own bedding, toiletries, and whatever personal items you would like for your stay.  Cooking facilities are not available with these rooms.

What if I am bringing my RV or tent?
There are several camping sites available on a first-come first-serve basis.  Units need to be self-contained as there are no power or water hook-ups.  Campers can use the public washrooms and showers in the camp trailers.

Is the tap water drinkable?

What about campfires?
Firewood is provided at the camp land.  Firepit rings are available for individual campsites, or you may bring your own portable firepit.  All fires must be kept in fire rings and safely supervised.

Are there additional items/activities at the camp that I should be prepared to pay for?
If you are attending an organized camp, there may be snack foods available for purchase at the canteen. Please bring cash with you for this.

Bunk Houses

These fully renovated bunk houses are a fantastic accommodation for a wide variety of group events. The gigantic deck is great for large group gatherings and is the social hub of the campground.

Our newly renovated bunk houses are equipped with 16 bedrooms, 2 large communal bathrooms with hot showers, and a full service kitchen with commercial grade appliances.  Each bedroom includes a queen size bed and a twin size pull out. Men's and Women's washrooms with showers are in the two wings of the bunk houses.

The large deck fronting the bunk houses is complete with picnic tables, gazebo shelters, and two firepits which make it a great gathering place.

Luxury Cabins

Positioned on the Kiskatinaw riverbank, these cabins are absolutely gorgeous with a stunning view. Whether you're a regular woods-person or not-so-campy, you'll feel right at home here.

Each cabin is fully furnished and has two spacious bedrooms with a quality Queen bed in each. In addition, there is a loft perfect for inflatable beds to sleep children or additional guests. All you need to bring is your own food and linens.

You will enjoy the natural warmth of the fireplace if you stay in the colder seasons and the fire-pit in the warmer. There is also a large grille propane barbeque for your use while you visit.

  • Rental cost is as follows:
    • Suggested donation of $125.00 per night 
    • Weekly rate: suggested donation of $600.00
  • Check in 2:00 pm – check out 12:00 pm
  • There may be some seasonal restrictions on number of nights stay.
  •  If you are interested in requesting to rent one of our cabins please contact the church office.

Meet the Horses

At Kiskatinaw Ranch we have some truly amazing characters, some of which are horses! 



This is Ranger, age 24, quarter horse gelding. We got him from a local (Grovedale) rancher, who used him for about 18 years pasture riding (rope cattle on the range, doctor them, move them from one pasture to another etc.) so he has a lot of experience. Dale had retired him about a year before we got him, he was very happy to have him come out to the ranch, as he was quite fond of him and wanted him to end his years in a happy situation. Ranger is our star. He will slow walk an 18-month-old child around the pen and then give an older person a nice lope. An excellent ride for a nervous or beginner rider.


This is Max, a registered quarter horse gelding. He is actually our horse and is in training, on his way to becoming a working cow horse.


This is Cole (Colorado) a quarter horse gelding. This horse is one that Pastor Nelson had purchased, which then ended up with our son and daughter-in-law and they donated to the ranch. Cole is about 22, a very kind horse but one that is getting a few reminders of what good manners mean. We did not use him as a student horse last year for this reason, we'll see how this year goes for him.


This is Sunny, a registered quarter horse gelding, belonging to RafterAZ. He is an advanced working cow horse, very nice mind but likes a warm up before you get in the saddle.


This is TwoStep, a registered quarter horse mare belonging to RafterAZ. She is the dam to Sunny. We used her with the kids last summer, a very nice minded horse that is a pleasure to ride, but she does know when she has a new rider on her back and will take advantage of that to her benefit. She prefers to loaf along the fence rather than do as requested, but this gives the rider some experience in 'problem solving'. A lot of hours under the saddle for this mare, very experienced.


This is Blue, another registered quarter horse gelding belonging to Rafter AZ. This is Zane's horse, a finished bridle horse and advanced working cow horse. Very nice minded but one of the most complicated horses we've owned. First to the fence to greet you, very athletic but the first 20 minutes in the round pen are his; after that you can do as you want as long as you know how to stay in the saddle. A horse you need to pay attention with when riding or he'll turn out from under you at the touch of a rein.


This is Ginger, a registered quarter horse mare. She is 12 this year and will be headed to Fort St. John to be bred shortly. She will be back in plenty of time for the camps in August. This mare has a few quirks that we are working on but is very nice in the round pen. last year lots of the kids enjoyed her very much. A very kind mare but not really keen on getting caught (one of her quirks!). Once caught, she is a willing partner. Very athletic, very pretty mover. We are looking forward to seeing what she foals out next spring (if all goes well in the breeding dept).


This is Tia, we think she is about 22 (she was born on our place, an 'oops' over the fence breeding between our quarter horse mare and the neighbours AngloArab stud. Can't remember the exact year she was born:) She is still a mover and a shaker for her age, but good under the saddle. A lot of the kids enjoyed riding her as she likes to move out but is still respectful.