Take It Back


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1: You Must Take Back the Dream
2: Living God's Dream Despite Past Poor Decisions
3: The Struggle Behind Every Dream
4: Holding On to God's Perspective of Your Dream
5: Take Back My Strength
6: Take Back Your Thinking
7: Take Love Back in Your Relational World
8: Take Back God's Blessings
9: Take Back the Power of Prayer
10: Take Back Your Highest Potential
11: Take Back Your Clarity
12: Take Back Your Belonging
13: What Do You Do When There’s Nothing You Can Do
14: Take Back Your Weakness: Fill Your Life with Power!
15: Take Back the Wreckage of Your Life

Pastor Nelson kicks off a new year teaching series titled "Take It Back!" We've all had dreams on hold. It's time to take them back!

We've all had dreams on hold due to the past. It's time to recover God's original dream for you! What keeps us from moving forward in this? Today we identify 4 common causes and how to overcome them.

Why does forward movement seem like such a struggle? This week we're going to reveal what it takes to unlock the dream God has for you!

What if you could see the big picture of your life through God's eyes? Would you be braver when it comes to taking great leaps of faith? Join us to gain insight into how to hold onto God's perspective of your dreams, in part 4 of our series, "Holding on to God’s Perspective of Your Dream!"

Expect Fresh, and expect to be refreshed with another incredible message from our series, Take It Back Part 5 "Take Back My Strength"! Pastor Nelson is bringing us a powerful word!

Have you wondered what exactly it is like to have the mind of Christ and how you can do that? Pastor Nelson will teach us what the Bible has to say about how we can take back our thinking!

This Valentine's weekend join us for a powerful teach on how to take back love in your relational world! Pastor Nelson will deliver part 7 of our Take It Back teaching series with a message that will help us take back the love in our relational world!

If the base of every issue in the world today is a spiritual one, how important does that make the church? It's time for the church to take back her place in society!

What is the most hopeless situation in your life right now? Last week Pastor Nelson gave us 7 steps to revival in our lives, the church, our nation and the world! Over the next 7 weeks we will be exploring these things so we can experience revival in all these areas!

Last week Pastor Nelson gave us the first step of 7, to have renewal in our lives, the church, our nation and the world! Today we will unpack the second component and learn how it can bring about renewal!

Take Back Your Clarity | At the very core of our Christian faith is the gospel. In a world of mixed messages, it is imperative that Christians are crystal clear on what the gospel is and what we need to do with it. Be sure to tune in as Pastor Nelson delivers such an important message that we all need to hear.

Take Back Your Belonging | We all have a need to belong, but there are often many hurdles and difficulties in fulfilling that need! The win’s from belonging are huge, so don’t miss out! Watch our service as we deliver a strong service tailored around this concept!

What Do You Do When There’s Nothing You Can Do? | Do you know the key to right-sizing everything in life? Don't miss this service as Pastor Nelson gives us the keys to slaying life's giants, enduring all hardships and seeing life through God's perspective!

Take Back Your Weakness: Fill Your Life with Power! | God wants to do amazing things in and through you, but so many of us don't understand how to tap into His plans! Join us tomorrow as Pastor Nelson teaches us how to access the activity of the Holy Spirit in our lives! We look forward to seeing you for an incredible service!

Take Back the Wreckage of Your Life | It's Palm Sunday, which commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem and first day of Holy Week! We have an uplifting service planned with an incredible message from Pastor Nelson, awesome music and powerful testimonies from some of our very own congregation members!

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