Easter Albumart
1: Refresh the Joy to Your Salvation
2: Let Peace Reign
3: Passion
4: Wisdom
5: Trust
6: Your Conditions Are in the Way
7: Making Room for Miracles
8: God's Power vs Your Power

Pastor Nelson begins a new teaching series that we believe will bring newness and refreshment to our lives! Do not miss this uplifting and life-renewing service!

Are you at peace? Join us for a service of refreshing and renewal. This week Pastor Nelson continues our series on Streams with an incredible message on how to live in the Peace of God, no matter what season of life we are in.

Are You Excited? We all know those people who really live life to the fullest! Join us for the third instalment message in our Streams series and find out what the Bible has to say about living each day with deep, abiding excitement! We will also take some time to honour the special place that mother's have in our lives!

Could you use more wisdom in your life? We all certainly could and the good news is that it's readily available to us! Many have absurd ideas of what wisdom is and end up looking for it in all the wrong places!

We all wouldn’t mind a bit more control over our lives, but how good are we at trusting when that control seems to disappear? Do we happily release that control, or do we bunker down and brace for impact? It can be harder to let go than we think. This week, Pastor Nelson will go over the ways we can better trust in our God, no matter the circumstances we face.

In a world so filled with fear, it can be hard to build the courage to step out of our comfort zones. It seems like a fitting topic for our Bring-a-Friend Sunday! It may be uncomfortable, but invite someone to watch! Come and get your daily dose of courage!

With how many unexpected changes there have been in the last few years, it stands to reason that many people are in need of miracles right now, but are we truly prepared for them? This week, we will be looking at how to ready our lives for the overflowing blessings of God! Let's learn together how to truly live in His abundance.

Have you ever put all your effort into something and still come up short? It's a truly defeating feeling. This week, we focus on leaning on God's power in our weakness. Let's let His strength be our comfort.

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