Family God's Way


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1: Heart Stuck
2: The Body and Soul
3: The Containment Model
4: The Right Lens
5: The Greatest Threat to Your Relationships


This week Pastor Nelson kicks off the brand new series Family God's Way. A God led family is a powerful thing. Not only does it encourage growth internally, but it extends that growth out into the world! Join us as we look into deepening our relationships with our families, with others and with God.

Join us as Pastor Nelson teaches on the power of Grace in our relationships, how to have it, and how to give it.

Structure, limitations, boundaries, and setbacks. Are past experiences holding you hostage in family and faith? Do you find it hard to move forward?  Ever feel like "there's no possible way that I'm living in God's purpose for me!" Get ready to recieve a generous dose of encouragement as Pastor Nelson helps us to see God's hand through all the muck of this earthly life!

Can You See It? There are many lenses to choose from, and we’re all looking through one. Is it the right lens? Only one reveals purpose! Pastor Nelson will unbox the lens that allows us to see it!

When our heart isn't quite in a relationship, we can start to question our partner or ourselves. There is one thing we should probably be questioning instead: What is the greatest threat to our relationships? This week, Pastor Nelson will be exploring just that.

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